Cyber bullying may involve a false account set up under the same name, and much of the verifying information is correct too – except for a few troubling postings.

Maybe you’ve found something under the right name – but is it really the right person? Look deeper to make sure you that this is the correct person and not just someone with the same name.

It’s possible that identity theft occurred at some point in the past, and false postings were made under a valid online account. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to have these removed, even after the ID theft is discovered. Many people just don’t have the time to fix these troubling entries.

Postings made by others about the person you are researching should be taken lightly, or not considered at all – these may be exaggerations, jokes, or simply untrue with negative intent. There is a big difference between a posting where Sam says “I was so high at work today…” and where someone else says “Wow Sam, you were so high at work today.”

As always, it’s important to learn both sides of the story.