Social Media Background Checks often turn up positive information, and reinforce the hiring case beyond what recruits can say about themselves, according to a CareerBuilder study.

Some of the most interesting and frequently cited reasons:

· Got a good feel for the job candidate’s personality, could see a good fit within the company culture – 46 percent

· Job candidate’s background information supported their professional qualifications for the job – 45 percent

· Job candidate’s site conveyed a professional image – 43 percent

· Job candidate was well-rounded, showed a wide range of interests – 40 percent

· Job candidate had great communication skills – 40 percent

· Job candidate was creative – 36 percent

· Job candidate received awards and accolades – 31 percent

· Other people posted great references about the job candidate – 30 percent

· Job candidate had interacted with my company’s social media accounts – 24 percent

· Job candidate had a large amount of followers or subscribers – 14 percent.