Social Media Background Checks

Conventional credit and criminal background checks do not tell the whole story these days. When hiring new employees, adding contractors or evaluating current staff, social media and online venues must be checked to give a fuller profile.  For example, a social media background check may reveal:

An accounting recruit frequently blogs about an expensive lifestyle and lavish vacations, and jokes about how this is unknowingly financed by a previous employer.

A new IT staffer is well-known on hacking forums, with special expertise in spy software.

A driver posts sexually explicit comments about employees of an important client – while bad-mouthing your firm.

A photo-sharing site tags party shots of a potential recruit smoking something – that may be illegal.

Your clerical staff always seem so busy on their workstations, but an online check reveals frequent posts during business hours and lots of shopping at e-commerce sites.

This information won’t show up in conventional background reports, and may be all the more serious if your staff is providing sensitive services to clients.

But conducting Social Media Background Searches with your internal staff poses problems. Instead, these online investigations should be conducted by a third party, properly disclosed to the subject in advance, carefully reviewed to assure compliance with federal and state laws, and conducted in a consistent manner.

That’s where we come in – and it’s all we do: Social Media Background Checks for employers and institutions.