In the previous post we talked about employer reticence in formalizing Social Media Background Checks as part of the process for on-boarding or monitoring employees, contractors and vendors. Conclusion: for most employers, everyone’s doing it but no one is talking about it. (Seems the opposite of high school in a different context?) Anyway, around 75% of firms conduct these searches, but mostly on an informal basis which can lead to trouble with the EEOC and other governmental agencies. So here are the primary benefits of adopting formal polices and incorporating Social Media Background Checks into the on-boarding processes:

Negligent Hiring / Negligent Retention – “You should have known that this new employee was trouble – it’s all over the Internet!” Social Media Background Checks cannot get to the bottom of everything, but the activities of some troublemakers are easy to find with some well-directed (and legally compliant) research. For example, in December 2014 there were rumors that the well-known Sony hack was masterminded by an IT insider. Would a social media investigation have uncovered this expensive and embarrasing slip-up in advance?

Avoid trouble with the government – The FCRA, EEOC, and many other state and federal agencies have a say in this area. Laws are still being developed and many vaguaries exist. Adopting formal policies for incorporating social media background investigations into your hiring procedures and employee handbook go a long way in protecting against a long and expensive dustup with regulators. A proactive, formal approach is much easier to explain than “we kind of knew it was going on but never got around to asking our recruiters what they were really doing.”

Verification of Credentials – There is a saying that people are without sin only at birth, and on their resumes. Employers who are doubtful of this therefore need to use modern tools to probe more deeply into knowing the real background and credentials of new employees, contractors and vendors, and this can be accomplished with professional Social Media Background Checks.

Monitoring Employee Use of Employer Time and Assets – Some of your employees always seem so intently busy, and rarely lift their heads from computer monitors. But they may be using company IT resources during business hours in tending to their own affairs, such as personal shopping or social media postings. This is wasteful for those directly involved, and demoralizes other hard working employees. A Social Media Background Check can reveal the details on this and provide support for stopping such wasteful practices.

Negative and Illegal Postings – Some employees take to the Internet with gripes about their employer. And some discuss company confidential matters or spill secrets about customers, perhaps in violation of non-disclosure agreements. Your company may not look good if this is not addressed. These areas should be formalized into company policies, and monitored accordingly.