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Social Media Background Checks – FAQs.

A: In a few words, all data is at all times collected, compiled, reviewed, stored and used in compliance with applicable federal, state and local law, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), we do not sell or release private information except if ordered by law, and no information is sent outside of the U.S.  For more detail see our privacy page

One of the most important aspects of Social Media Background Checks is consistency, so we expend exactly 61 minutes on each standard social media report – that’s one hour plus one minute for safety. Variations may be allowed if all remains FCRA and EEOC compliant. Also, your first report from us costs only $61.61.

Most credit and criminal background check providers are geared to rapidly produce high volumes of reports. The focus is on information technologies and automation. Human intervention or assistance is not welcomed. In producing Social Media Background Reports, however, human involvement is required throughout the entire process.

A: Probably not: depending upon the situation, we’ll provide selected and redacted publicly available information. Otherwise, days or weeks would be required in some cases, to comprehensively review all content associated with a Social Media Background Checks subject. Note that we cannot provide information more than 7 years old. We can do more but the law generally requires consistency across all of your reports. We can advise on this as needed.

A: Based upon our awareness of your needs, our judgment of the search results and always remaining in conformity with state and federal law.

A: No, since we are only allowed to review publicly available information.

A: No

A: Updates are not advisable for legal reasons.  Instead, it’s better to just do a fresh report.  This is most common in monitoring existing employees, rather than recruits.

A: All the usual suspects (within the parameters set forth above) which often amounts to over 100 social media, blogging and online sites.

A: No, because we do not attempt to view non-public information, and in some cases even viewing all public information would take weeks.  But our reports will help preclude negligent hiring exposures, support better hiring andpromotion decisions, and potentially avoid embarrassment from clients and other business partners.

A: We are classified as a Consumer Reporting Agency, and therefore all of our activities and reports are FCRA compliant.

A: Yes, since we will not conduct a Social Media Background Check without the consent of the SMBC subject.

A: Asking your internal staff to conduct Social Media Background Checks is risky, since all needs to be in compliance with a long list of federal and state law.  For example, if more time is inadvertently spent investigating one protected group over another – this could be a problem. Or if public posts or photos reveal certain other information “the bell cannot be unrung” and this could lead to claims of hiring discrimination.  Reports from a third party generally insulate your firm  or institution from these problems.

A: See the whole game-plan on our “How It Works” page or faster yet just call 310 281-6161.  There is other contact information on the bottom of each page.