Radio listeners want to know: Are employers investigating my online postings? 

Employers are increasingly conducting online searches of their employees, and searching social media sites as part of the recruiting process. Employers large and small are now using Google, Facebook, YouTube, and dozens of other online, social media, blogging, and wiki sites to learn all about you. Sometimes it’s legal, sometimes it isn’t. Online investigations are aimed at existing employees as well as aspiring recruits. Can your past postings torpedo your chances of getting hired or promoted?

Wow this is scary stuff to anyone who is looking to get a job, or even keep one. Let’s get on-air and ask:

Is this legal?

Can employers ask for your login name and password?

What about Friend or Connection requests from employers or spoofs?

Should you warn friends not to post certain things about you?

What if frenemies post something bad about you that’s not true?

Are employers required to tell you if they find something bad?

Are employers required to ask permission before checking out your online profiles?

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This guest-slot would be of nail-biting interest to anyone with a job and an online presence, those looking for a new job or a  promotion, and paranoid parents looking to protect their kids.

Last minute bookings are AOK.

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